Rubyroid Labs: How much can you earn with Ruby?

Rubyroid Labs: How much can you earn with Ruby?

If you are eagerly looking forward to making money with Ruby, you need to view this article.

Talking about a fair Ruby hourly rate

Needless to say, Ruby on Rails turns out to be an all-mighty web development solution. Perhaps, you have already made up your mind to earn a living with this programming language or you are already running a project based on this framework and would like to know how much a Ruby expert could earn an hour.

However, an hourly rate for this language greatly varies depending on various factors. In this article, we’ll try to find it out.

When talking about ruby on rails developer hourly rate, we need to take into account such crucial nuances as the company’s structure, its location, experience and so on.

The number of Ruby developers has drastically grown since 2011, resulting in a tremendous price threshold. For example, some freelance Ruby developers consider $5 offers.

On the other hand, we see the opposite thing in the area dominated by top veterans. For example, in the USA, an annual salary of a Ruby developer ranges from $11,000 to $257,000. Respectively, a Ruby hourly rate fluctuates from $25 to up to $300!

Newcomers keep dumping an hourly rate

The current situation with Ruby is quite tough because flocks of newcomers keep dumping with the aim of gaining a foothold. On the other hand, not all of them qualify for tasks they cling to. Veterans are used to charging a bit above average for good work but even they offer big discounts from time to time.

Geography matters!

Ruby hourly rates are also heavily dependent on where programmers are actually located. These days there are many regions with relatively low living standards compared to the Western world offer Ruby-based services far cheaper than expected. However, the quality varies greatly, so for recruiters, it even becomes a matter of luck. Many Western software developing companies often hire outsourced experts from countries with lower living standards to save on payouts. View to learn more about Rubyroid Labs.

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