Live Your Best Life with These Apps

Live Your Best Life with These Apps

Many scientists say that in order to improve your quality of life and make it more emotional, interesting, etc. one has to keep a diary. There are many benefits to it and even more if you take a closer look. However, in case you don’t find it convenient to carry around a notebook and keep losing your pens, you can get a different solution. Just download one on your smartphone.

The advantages of a daily journal

When you get your app at, you’ll be able to keep track of things you need to do and events you need to attend to.

The biggest advantages of Journey (the app) is the simplicity of the interface and the convenience of using it. You can create to-do lists, write down some notes or keep it as a real diary and write everything that’s going on in your life in order to process it. You’ll learn more about yourself. It’ll be a great book of memories or a source of your effectiveness. The app is very flexible and lets you create whatever you want from it.

Store the rest of your memories in the cloud

You can save such data as pictures, videos, etc. in the Box, literally. This app is beyond comparison. It lets you store and synchronize files. The best perk of the app is the chance to use up to 10GB cloud space absolutely for free. It’s a very convenient way to keep your files close at reach.

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