How Much Do Appliance Repair Services Cost?

How Much Do Appliance Repair Services Cost?

When your fridge or dishwasher breaks down, it could be a disaster for the household. Many people start searching for new units without considering a repair. Meanwhile, many major appliances have long lifespans. If something goes wrong, it usually can be fixed.

If you’ve heard the repair may cost more than a new unit, it’s hardly true. In many cases, you can save time and money while extending the lifespan of your appliance.

An appliance repair service doesn’t just include diagnostics and repair. These experts can set up a preventive maintenance schedule and offer valuable advice about appliance care. By finding a respectable appliance repair company in your area in advance, you can save yourself the searching hassle once something breaks down.

How much do you pay for appliance repair? The cost depends on several factors.

1. Appliance Type

Gas-powered appliances, such as heaters and stoves are usually more expensive to repair than their electrical counterparts. The repair requires special skills for handling gas and preventing hazardous leaks.

Some appliances may be harder to fix than others. For example, washers are tougher to fix than dryers while an oven rage is easier to repair than a fridge. The general rule is that the more complex appliance is, the harder and more expensive it is to fix.

2. Hourly Rate

Appliance repair companies may charge flat rates for certain projects. However, the majority charges by the hour. The rates can vary from $40 to $120 per hour depending on the type of the appliance, the expertise of the technician, and the complexity of the repair.

Most companies also require you to pay a service charge. Others can have a minimum charge. Usually, it’s equal to the hourly rate. This covers the expenses for arriving onsite and diagnosing the problem.

According to experts from, it’s important to review each company’s rates carefully to look for extra fees. Some companies may offer low hourly rates while having high service charges.

3. Location

The cost of the appliance repair service may depend on your location. If the technician needs to travel far, the cost goes up. That’s why it’s important to search for a company close to your home. It doesn’t just decrease the cost but improves the response time.

Final Thoughts

The cost of appliance repair depends on many different factors. It can also vary from one company to another. Take the time to check out nearby appliance repair services to find one with the best reputation and a reasonable price tag. 

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