How Does Your Perfect Donor Look Like?

How Does Your Perfect Donor Look Like?

When a couple turns to egg donors, they have a chance to choose from a list of candidates. This is a very personal decision and every family treats it with full responsibility. The process is quite simple when you describe it. You sign up with an agency, choose a person, get the eggs, that’s it. However, when you experience this, it’s a totally different feeling. Choosing only one person to help you conceive is a very important moment. Let’s see how to choose a perfect match.

Pay attention to these factors

When you have access to an egg donor database, you’ll see that every donor has a profile. Study the profile and pay attention to all the details. Find out the race and woman’s IQ score.

Many people make the choice based on the donor’s appearance. Think about how you want your baby to look like. It sounds partially like a customization process but let’s be honest – you want to have a healthy baby that looks a lot like you and your partner. It might be wise to look for a person that has the same hair and eyes color, complexion, etc.

What’s more, you’ve got a chance to talk to a donor and see how agreeable she is and evaluate her personality. For some couples, it’s extremely important to click with the donor. They wish to feel that they’ve found a common language.

You may have some other specific needs. Don’t be embarrassed or shy about that and share your thoughts with the dedicated manager. The agency will do its best to be helpful and help your dream come true.

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